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Progression in Consultancy - who gets in, who gets ahead and how?

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This dynamic session will be led by Nik Miller who will draw on millions of datapoints, including published Bridge Group research with firms including KPMG, PwC and the Civil Service.  The session will also focus on the effects of socio-economic background on those working in the profession – where the evidence indicates that class has a stronger effect on progression in consultancy, compared with e.g. ethnicity and gender. There will an opportunity for discussion and debate, and practical takeaways to support your practices and understanding. 

Thursday 29th February 2024
From 5:00pm
To 6:00pm

Zoom videoconference


Nik Miller, Chief Executive Officer, The Bridge Group

Nik Miller is Co-founder and Chief Executive at the Bridge Group, and a Partner at More Partnership. In these positions, Nik uses consulting skills to support a wide range of organisations to advance social impact. He is a global conference speaker, Research Fellow at the University of York, and has led a range of national policy reports. With expertise in talent strategies, social equity, philanthropy and data analytics, Nik has been recently commissioned by the University of Oxford, the BBC, the Cabinet Office, Morgan Stanley, Linklaters and (of interest to the management consulting profession) by KPMG to interrogate who gets ahead and how in consulting. He is Special Advisor to Europe’s intergovernmental agency for science (EMBL), and a trustee of the Unite Foundation – disbursing over £9m to care leavers to access higher education.