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CMCE Showcase: People-centric Change

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"Why do people always moan about any change we tell them about"

"We'd make more progress if people would just get behind the change"

"Why can't people just do what they're told!"

How many times have you heard comments like this in change projects? Even if they are slightly exaggerated, we often find, as change agents, that we can often come up with brilliant technical solutions, only to find that they don't "land" in quite the way we want and fail to deliver their expected benefits.

If that resonates with you then this Showcase will provide you with practical tools based on extensive research to help you put people at the centre of change - where they belong.

Julie Hodges, Professor of Organisational Change at Durham University Business School will lead this showcase, drawing on her recent book People-centric Organizational Change and discuss how to communicate effectively to engage people with change, so that they see it as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Covering employee well-being, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as well as the increase in hybrid working, this promises to be a highly practical session that will be essential for anyone engaged in change management and delivery.

Thursday 2nd May 2024
From 5:00pm
To 6:00pm

Zoom videoconference


Professor Julie Hodges is a leading international expert on change in organizations and is currently a Professor of Organizational Change at Durham University Business School, UK. Prior to this, she worked as a business consultant for over 20 years in several profit and non-profit organizations including PwC, Vertex and the UK British Council. She is the author of several books including Managing and Leading People through Organizational Change and Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change, both published by Kogan Page.