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AI for Management Consultants: PRAIORITIZE

In the second of our ongoing series of product showcases we had a chance to experience PRAIORITIZE, the world's first SaaS platform for automated consultancy. Here's what they say about their toolset:

"Managers, consultants and entrepreneurs need to fix business issues. Stuff you often have little experience with. Like digital transformation. New processes. Technology migrations. People issues. Stuff, you need consulting skills for.

Yet, post-its and slide decks don’t solve issues. Detailed online actionable advice does. Because it’s personalized for every manager and employee. And that is exactly what our generative AI delivers. 6* smarter, 20* faster, and 5* cheaper than traditional consulting."

The session illustrated how the platform works with a live example and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions as we continue to explore the impact of AI on the consulting world.

A video of the session can be viewed here:




Dr. Jan van de Poll, Founder and Managing Director of PRAIORITIZE

Dr. van de Poll obtained a PhD in the application of artificial intelligence in organizational transformations and is the founder of the world’s first SaaS platform for automated consultancy and of AMAIZE, the first research magazine about the application of A.I. in consultancy.

He is also the author of How Transformation Executives Sleep So Well which uses objective measurements from 23,000 team cases in more than 1,000 transformations to reveal seven patterns why transformations may fail and, luckily, seven other patterns that show how artificial intelligence brings predictability and peace of mind back into the game.