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Test the atmosphere before entering

So as we workers get ready to emerge from lockdown and go back to our offices (realising some are already back, some have a while to wait, and some may have never left!) what good advice is out there? Too much, Jethro feels, and much of it conflicting.

Scrolling through old photos, Jethro came across one he took last September, way back in those days when you could visit a museum. In this case it was a visit to a working industrial building, the gloriously ornate Abbey Mills Pumping Station in east London, as part of the wonderful Open House weekend.

This must be one of the poshest sewage stations in the world, designed in the Victorian age. And at ground level, there are no nasty smells. But for all the glamour, the staircase leads to the business end of the operations, and Jethro imagines the signage is necessary if the virus has impacted your sense of smell.

"Test the atmosphere before entering" is great advice for going out of lockdown and back to work, Jethro thinks. Yet again, there is probably a consulting thesis to be written about all the different atmospheres that need testing in the workplace, and the myriad tests you could pay a consultant to do.... Jethro intends to busy himself developing some IP to corner the market. Well, at least to add it to the long list of things he always promises to do when he gets a moment. Of course, if someone could give Jethro a chargeable timesheet code for this, he could suddenly get very active!


Thursday 10th September 2020
Notice "Test atmosphere before entry"