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Remote managers are having trust issues

A study of how remote working affected managers’ and employees’ work, well-being, and productivity during the Covid-19 epidemic was reported in the Harvard Business Review.  Sharon Parker, Caroline Knight and Anita Keller, the authors of the paper, found that many managers were struggling in their roles and would benefit from more support.  The research also suggested that better quality management would improve remote workers’ wellbeing and performance.

The authors made five recommendations for improving the management of remote working:

  1. Start the change programme with top management;
  2. Provide practical and moral support for remote working within the organization;
  3. Educate managers about the potential benefits of remote working — when it is designed well;
  4. Train managers in how to devolve job autonomy, and to check in rather than check up on;
  5. Train managers in how to manage by results.
Monday 23rd November 2020
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