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Organisation structure – does your client’s need a makeover?

Organisations of all sizes change over time, necessitating considerations regarding organisational structure and people’s roles within it.  This is the case for all kinds of organisations, not only corporations, large or small, but also charities.  I would like to share a few reflections on this topic.
First of all, an organisational change begins with purpose: as far as charities are concerned, a charity’s purpose is most easily related to its Objects within its Articles of Association.  There should also be an articulated strategy for demonstrating fulfilment of benefit and measurement of impact. A suitable organisational structure supports such achievements. 
It would also be useful to understand how the organisation is currently structured.  The assessment of its structure can include interviews of personnel across all organisational layers in addition to the usual structure diagrams.  Interviews can also provide a good indication of the organisation’s ways of working and culture. 
Moreover, we should gather insights on how the board and executive teams oversee and lead the organisation.  This can give clues as to who should really be in the top layers of the structure as well as who should not.
Finally, how does the organisation enable career progression?  Key to preserving institutional knowledge over time is growing people organically from within and knowing when skills gaps and/or capacity may prevent this. 

Cosette Reczek
CMCE Associate Director

Tuesday 23rd March 2021
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