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CMCE Research Awards 2021 shortlists

The papers shortlisted for the CMCE Consulting Research Awards 2021 in each of the three award categories are listed below.  In each case there is a link to a summary of the paper that brings out the issues relevant to practising management consultants.

Technology and consulting

Digital transformation and the new logics of business process management
Abayomi Baiyere, Hannu Salmela, and Tommi Tapanainen

Determining Digital Transformation Success Factors
Resego Morakanyane, Philip O’Reilly, John McAvoy

Artificial intelligence: Building blocks and an innovation typology
Paschen, U, Pitt, C and Kietzmann, J.

Client-consultant Relationships

Negotiating imitation: Examining the interactions of consultants and their clients to understand institutionalization as translation

Gill, M.J, McGivern, G,  Sturdy, A, Pereira, S, Gill, D.J. and Dopson, S.

The management consultancy effect: Demand inflation and its consequences in the sourcing of external knowledge               

Sturdy, A.J, Kirkpatrick, I, Reguera, N, Blanco-Oliver, A and Veronesi G.

Assessment and selection of management consultants: A comparative cognitive study between small- and large-scale companies
Van Rossem, Annick; Dominique Hortense

Enacting emotional labour in consultancy work: Playing with liminality and navigating power dynamics
Marian Iszatt-White and Peter Lenney

The basis for a constructive relationship between management consultants and clients (SMEs)
Renato Lopes da Costa, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Leandro Ferreira Pereira and José Santos

Changing Environment for the Consultant

Elitism in strategy consulting: How institutional prestige influences recruitment
Mavridopoulou, I and O'Mahoney, J.

Rethinking the top line and realignment of the bottom line in a post-covid landscape
Valente, C. and Manville, G.

Managing the threats from insiders: Systems ergonomics and strategy as a practice
Denis Fischbacher-Smith


Monday 6th December 2021
CMCE research award trophies