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AI for Management Consultants: Discy

Hope, hype or hearsay...

There is a lot of speculation about the ways in which AI will change how management consulting services are delivered. But what is real and what is just noise? And what will it take to turn potential into everyday practice?

This event explored these questions based on the real in-the-field experiences of the team – former consultants who are putting natural language AI to the test in consulting firms and projects.

The event brought to life what it will take for firms to go beyond simple ChatGPT use cases to extract real value, highlighting both the barriers and the benefits.

The event finished with a discussion on whether this is evolution or revolution for consulting services.

This was the first in CMCE's new series of Product Showcases featuring product and services providers whose tools have the potential to transform the world of management consulting.

You can view a video of the session here:


Thursday 28th September 2023
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