The Centre will lead or sponsor a number of lectures and other events.


Upcoming Events

Change Lecture 23 May 2018

The Change Lecture has been run annually by the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants and this year it is being run jointly with the Centre.

Recently a team of academics published a paper that concluded that there was a negative correlation between the amount health trusts spent on management consultants and their performance. This received a lot of publicity, but as might have been expected, received a strong rebuttal from the consulting industry. (You can see the response from the Management Consultancies Association here).

We have therefore invited the academics who wrote the paper to be the speakers at this year’s Change Lecture, to debate these interesting and contentious results with management consultants who specialise in the health sector.

Details to follow.

Past Events

Technical Symposium 6 February 2018: Rethinking reputational risk

How to manage the risks that can ruin your business, your reputation and you.

In spite of advances in risk management, our media headlines continue to be populated with corporate disasters. Recent events include the emission scandal at Volkswagen, the accounting misrepresentation at Tesco, BP’s Deep Water Horizon catastrophe, the Barclays libor fixing, and more.

Anthony Fitzsimmons, the Chairman of Reputability LLP, which helps organisations reduce and manage reputational risks, was the speaker at the Centre’s inaugural Technical Symposium. This was held at Coventry University’s campus in London and as well as supporters of the Centre was attended by many of the students studying there.

We will publish a summary of Anthony’s talk soon.

Tom Peters speaks at our inaugural Global Symposium 15 November 2017

There was a packed room at Cass Business School to hear Tom Peters, famed for his ‘In Search of Excellence’ and many subsequent widely read business books speak at the inaugural Global Symposium of the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence. He started by giving a powerful endorsement of the Centre: management consultancy like all other activities demands excellence, and he applauded the establishment of a Centre to promote this. Read more…

Tom Peters is back and he’s angry! Dr Simon Davey updates us on Tom’s latest views.

For Tom’s endorsement of the Centre, see here…

Urwick Lecture 11 September 2017

This was the inaugural Lecture, in which this year’s winners of the Urwick Prize presented their work which won them the award. Their submission for the Prize, which summarises their work, is shown here.

Two of the winners of the Prize, Professors Tim Morris and Will Harvey gave the Lecture, at which they also presented their current research into the challenges faced by a global firm of consultants seeking to expand into the area of strategy consulting. Details are shown here.