The Centre will serve a number of communities of stakeholders in the management consulting sector. They will include the following:

Practising consultants

The Centre’s web site will provide links to research and other thinking that will provide time-poor consultants with ready access to useful information and research of value to them. It will also provide a platform for experienced consultants to share the fruits of their experience.

The Centre’s events, as well as being informative, will allow opportunities for networking with fellow professionals.


The Centre’s web site will provide the opportunity for academics to showcase their research, and to cite other relevant research. It is intended to promote communication and cooperation between academics and practitioners.

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes has appointed Academic Fellows from among academics around the world who are active in the field of management consulting. You can see a list of Academic Fellows on their web site.

Consulting firms

The Centre will be a useful resource for consulting firms to keep abreast of the latest thinking relevant to their work.

In due course, we hope that active engagement with the Centre will prove a valuable feature in attracting and retaining recruits.

Users of management consultants

Excellent projects involving consultants require excellent clients too. The site will support clients in what are in effect joint ventures with consultants.

Business schools

Management consultancy is a subject for teaching and research at many business schools. The Centre would encourage and support their work in this area.

Courses on management consultancy offered by business schools are listed here. Please let us know if you would like to add to the list or correct existing entries.


As well as proving information and links to other relevant sources, the Centre will offer a “project exchange service”, linking students needing projects and organisations with projects needing students to work on them.